Five Elements And Energy

Bletsas alexandros

In the “Five Elements and Energy” course we will be talking about principles that deal with energy cultivation, longevity, beauty and about how to develop our brains’ abilities so we can improve our health and control our bad habits.

My goal is humans’ personal cultivation.

My name is Alexandros Bletsas and I am a physiotherapist.

Together, we will discover the limitless abilities and capacities the human mind and body has within.

You will educate yourselves and develop your brain functions in such a way, that you will be able to achieve anything you wish.

So that every person that is interested, will have the opportunity to learn specialized knowledge and have access to topics that deal with:

Men’s sex life improvement.

Women’s bladder control after their first natural (vaginal) birth.

How to create a protective shield for yourself and how to multiply your energy.

How to program yourselves for success by getting into the Alpha Level.

Telekinesis for kids, so they can have the power to influence their future, taking the right decisions, having the ability to send out strong messages and become successful in their lives.

And many more topics that have to do with your life’s improvement.

All our products include audiovisual guidance and written instructions; easy to understand; within my web page.

Also, I will be presenting a series of seminars that can be attended from whoever is interested, in my own place or On Line through my Web page.

Bletsas Alexander 

Meet the teacher: Bletsas Alexandros works as a physiotherapist since 1994. He opened his own physiotherapy and rehabilitation center in 1998, in the city of Athens (Greece). Physiotherapy existed in all ancient civilizations and today it is complemented with all the scientific and technological means and breakthroughs. His profession’s goal is the elimination of pain, agony and patient’s bodily malfunction. He is giving his best self for providing relief, relaxation and restoring his patients’ hope for returning back to health. His love and effort to help more his patients; lead him to attend several post graduate seminars. 

Seminars and continuous training


Trigger Point stimulation training. Hands-on physical therapy, p.c. Immediate and improved muscle and joint function after ischemic pressure on specific muscle points.

Neural Mobilization.

Maitland Mobilization.

Mechanical diagnosis and lumbar spine’s therapy.

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture Seminar with lecturer the Mr. Panagiotidi Dimitrio (Physiotherapist-Acupuncturist from Germany).

Abdominal Acupuncture with the professor BO from China (Whole body healing through the abdominal area).

Yamamoto’s new Cranial Acupuncture system.

Cosmetic Acupuncture for the face from Dr. Radha Thambirajah.

Acupuncture is an energy based therapy that provides analgesia and improved function to all myoskeletal ailments. Strengthens body and spirit. Provides relaxation, well being and good mood.

Fascia therapy.

Su Jok fast and effective reflective therapy applied on hands and feet.

Body Movement seminars.

Body Reading, Body-type Reading.

Breath Control, Stress Control and guided body and mental relaxation.

A relaxed man gets healed easier.


Specialized Seminars 

A series of seminars I attended as well as my goal for people’s personal development lead me to the creation of the “Five Elements and Energy” system.

Silva Method: a seminar that helped and keeps on helping me throughout my life.

Senteris Method: a seminar that broaden my mental abilities. Abilities that used to be in the sphere of fantasy, now I can really do them. I have a Master level in this method.

Wing Chun Kung Fu: I received training from renowned teachers, from 1988 till today that I am under the supervision of Sifu Antony Pantelia. Kung Fu helped my mind and body to be trained and evolved continuously.

Vocal lessons under the supervision of Loukia Frantsea, for proper articulation, voice and breath control and better use of energy.  

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Five Elements And Energy

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