General Meditation’s Benefits 

  • You learn to relax physically and mentally.

  • To synchronize the brain hemispheres for multiplied power.

  • To achieve goals, when you are into the creative level.

  • To construct or re-construct ideas, things, emotions, views and attitudes of life you have, regarding the way you attract success.

  • Orient to the light the source of life and love.

Healing Meditation benefits 

  • Readily improve your health, happiness and prosperity.

  • Orient to the light the source of life and love.

  • Cleanse your whole body and mind from everything that is useless and harmful.

  • Activated your healing POWER.



Perform this meditation on a daily basis

  • In the morning before beginning your day; or in the afternoon while you are resting or at night just before sleeping or whenever you can.

  • Each time you are entering these levels of mind; you will be neutralizing all of your negative aspects and you will be gaining power in mind and spirit.

  • Release your emotions, your thoughts, your energy, change your attitude and release yourself.

  • Free yourself from everything useless and harmful and you will be filled with energy and positivity.

  • You will be thinking ONLY those things you want to achieve and soon you will be.

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