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Sexual enhancement. It is a complete training system that provides a holistic solution to your needs:


  • To be able to enjoy and rejoice life.

  • To provide pleasure to your partner, which is the aim and the constructive fantasy of every man.

  • To perform better, sexually.

I address to:

  • Whoever wishes to cultivate and increase vital energy, for health and longevity.

  • To all men who want to perform better in their sex life.

  • To all women who want to support and enhance the relationship with their husband. This is a wonderful gift for their spouse.

  • And of course you can do all these exercises, together.

  • For health professionals (medical doctors, physiotherapists, nurses and all medical related professions). Because if you are not healthy, you cannot provide health to anyone else.

  • To martial arts’ instructors, yoga instructors and all instructors who want to help themselves by cultivating their inner strength.

  • To all who feel like children and never quit!

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1) Muscles of the perineum (Physical level)

Four exercises for the body that aim to:

  • Strength

  • Endurance

  • Flexibility

  • And the utmost propriety of perineum muscles’ performance and of pelvis area in general.

An example:

When we have a problem at the knee’s area, the solution is to
strengthen the quadriceps muscles.

For what reason:

To readily supply the area with blood in order to improve its function, reduce pain, to nourish and support the knee.

We exercise the Perineum muscles accordingly for:

  • Immediate increase of blood supply to perineum muscles.

  • For gradual angiogenesis.

  • Whatever is being nourished it becomes stronger and whatever is being deprived of nourishment, withers away.

  • Isometric exercises for maximal strength and stamina achieved in the shortest time.

  • Special professional exercises used by performers (actors, vocalists etc) for conditioning the power of voice and breath. Our strength is produced out of the underbelly; for this reason, this entire area’s conditioning that you will do, will help you to maximal degree.

  • Immediate control of the muscle groups that are responsible for erectile function.

I provide you with

  • Written instructions

  • Video with the special exercises that you can follow along with me, for complete training and understanding.

2) SuJok 

What is:

  • This treatment is designed for PEOPLE and is a gift of love from nature.

  • It is a reflexological and energetic technique from the extremities for:

  • Toning energetically the perineum muscles

  • Health and strength of the genitals.

How to apply

  • Push with the thumb at specific correlation points.

  • With self-adhesive needles

  • With magnets

  • With seeds

  • Goal
  • The treatment

  • the restoration

  • maintaining HEALTH.

I provide you with

  • Written instructions

  • Video with complete body mapping and application.

  • 3) Moxa

What is:

Thermal acupuncture points activation:

  • Comfortably

  • Pleasantly

  • Tolerably

  • And very effectively.

  • I chose for you, five special points from 4 Meridians and their combination will provide you with great strength and endurance in love making. Moxa activation of these points can help you in a preventive way or for recovery from:

  • Activation with moxa in these areas can help you preventively or as a cure from:

  • Work stress and long working hours

  • Intense sports activity & Fatigue after a long trip.

I provide you with

  • Written instructions

  • Video with complete body mapping and application.

4) Acupuncture

What is:

Excellent energy-based technique

I give you six basic and five complementary points:


  • Improve erection and infertility.

  • To increase libido.

  • To strengthen your body and spirit.

  • To tonify yourselves against decreased energy and fatigue.

How to apply

  • Push with the thumb or fingers at specific correlation points

  • With self-adhesive needles

  • With magnets

I provide you with

  • Written instructions

  • Video with complete body mapping and application.


5) Microcosmic Orbit

What is:

  • A Masters' Level QI GONG technique.

  • One of the basic techniques for activating kundalini.

  • It is the small orbit of energy inside your body's Ren and Du meridians.

  • Kundalini is energy that exists compressed within the Sacral Bone's area.


  • Coaching you to control and direct your power, increasing your resilience, the effectiveness of your performance and learning to be persistent for achieving our goals.

  • Activation of the brain for controlling the body and its surroundings.

  • Multiplication of your healing energy.

  • Control of erectile function.

  • Strengthening of imagination, intention and confidence.

I provide you with

  • Written instructions

  • Video animation with the way of activating the Orbit.

  • MP3 with complete “Orbit activation” guided meditation. Long version 8.14 minutes and short version 6.08 depending on your time.

6) Activation of the 1st energy center.

What is:

The first (1st) of the seven basic centers in your body.


  • You wake up the power and set the bases for activating other energy centers.

  • Increase libido.

  • Genitalia, bladder and prostate health.

  • Longevity, knowledge, well-being.

I provide you with

  • Written instructions

  • Video animation with the way of activating the Orbit.

  • Video animation with the way of activating the First Center.

  • Long version 7.55 minutes and short version 5.54 depending on your time.

7) Meditation for goals’ fulfillment

The Great administrator of all is your mind.

You learn how to relax, synchronize your two brain hemispheres and how to construct or reconstruct ideas, things and attitudes of life.

An engineer first thinks of, visualizes or fantasizes the house that he wants to build, then he draws it and finally he materializes it.

The same applies to you!

Idea or target.
Programming yourselves.
Expect, anticipate the materialization.
So, for having limitless skills and capabilities, the time has come to change your mental attitude.

I provide you with

  • Written instructions

  • Specialized meditation. Long version (23,15 minutes) and short version (13,52 minutes) for conditioning and achieving your target.

8) Tips for controlling the Jing, the quintessence..

The union of man and woman, creates a unison in which the participation of both is equally important.

No food, no breathing, no drugs, no herbs, no mental maturity can prolong man’s life, if he cannot comprehend and apply sexual enhancement and not conserving Jing, the quintessence, the life force.

Man must make love regularly and learn how to control and adjust his ejaculation.



  • An excellent project to become better.

  • You have several “weapons” for a wonderful target.

  • A method that many kings and emperors of the past would have liked to have.

  • For your joy, longevity and sexual enhancement.

Following along the Perineum exercises and the brief program that I have created for you, (a total of 32,64 minutes), you will be having fast results and readily be gaining strength for all your needs.

Access to your needs is complete and in each use, 360 degrees.

Bletsas Alexander

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